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Take a look at some of the great benefits you’ll receive as a member of the Volvo Club of America:

Rolling Magazine
The magazine of the Volvo Club of America, Rolling is published six times annually and contains current news, technical information, and historical and general interest articles, as well as a calendar of events, regional and chapter news, classified advertising, and various discount sources. The magazine provides articles devoted to the maintenance and enjoyment of all Volvo models.

Parts and Service Discounts
As with any other piece of machinery, a Volvo requires periodic maintenance and the replacement of worn parts. VCOA helps members reduce these costs by up to 25%. A growing number of Volvo dealers and aftermarket parts suppliers around the country offer discounts to VCOA members. Your club membership can more than pay for itself in parts and accessories discounts alone.

Regional and National Meets
VCOA sponsors annual Volvo meets featuring concourse events, technical workshops, competition events, swap meets, and banquets. These are social events for the entire family and highlight VCOA’s annual activities. In addition, Chapters host local and regional meets as well as regular meetings and activities.

Discounts on New Volvo Purchase
VCOA members holding current membership cards may participate in Volvo’s “Friends and Family” A-PLAN BY VOLVO purchase arrangement. The “A” plan is the program through which Volvo employee families purchase their private cars at the pre-negotiated dealer invoice price from participating retailers. A VCOA member and immediate family member may buy up to 2 new Volvos per year at the same price as Volvo employees do.

Technical Assistance
Owners of older Volvos are especially interested in technical information and assistance, both for repairs and modifications to their cars. VCOA helps you plug into a network of individuals across the country who can help the owner of any Volvo better understand how to maintain his or her Volvo.

Other Benefits
VCOA also provides you with a club membership card, a multicolor window decal, and the opportunity to obtain various accessories, regalia, and books at lower prices.
Most importantly, membership in the Volvo Club of America will bring you camaraderie with other Volvo owners and enthusiasts who share your interest in Volvos.

NOTE: National membership is NOT required to attend our events.  Discounts for National members do often apply and membership has many other benefits listed above.  No one who loves Volvos will ever be turned away!

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