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2023 Davis Weekend FAQs


Q: What is the Davis Weekend?


A: The “Weekend”, refers to both the Saturday and Sunday activities. The car show and swap meet have been held on Sunday since our beginning in 1999. Saturday events were added more recently several years ago.


Q: What is the Davis Show?


A: It is a Volvo show held at Central Park in Davis, CA on a Sunday starting at 8AM. It is a one-day show and swap meet planned and staffed by volunteers, primarily from the Volvo Club of America’s Sacramento, Golden Gate, and SLORolling Chapters.


Q: What types of Volvos are welcome at the Show?


A: Any and every type of Volvo-bodied car, as well as Volvo-powered cars. Our variety is part of our appeal. Daily drivers, modified, race cars, beaters, concours-worthy Volvos, you’ll find them all here at the Show.


Q: What kinds of Volvos show up?


A: All kinds (see previous answer, above)! In addition to the more common models such as 240s, 850s, S60s, past showgoers have seen the unusual; 444, P1900, 480, and an 850 pickup (not a production vehicle.)  Part of the fun and attraction of the Show is that one never knows what unusual Volvo they might see there.


Q: What is the Show format?


A: A car show with awards and a swap meet. For a three-hour time window on Sunday morning, participants arrive, and cars are parked in groups sorted by model. Once parked, participants are free to stay with their car and answer questions about their car, look at other cars, peruse the swap meet or vendor displays, or explore the attractions in downtown Davis.  In early afternoon, we conclude the Show with an awards presentation.  Afterwards, some folks choose to linger and socialize, while others prefer to get an early start on the drive home.


Q: Why is the Show in Davis?


A: Someone volunteered to host the initial Show in Davis in 1999.  Davis’ Central Park has since proven to be an ideal location for our Show.  The park is in the city’s downtown area, which has an abundance of restaurants, shops, and other attractions.  The Park has two children’s play areas, large grassy areas, and a pavilion, which comes in handy if we experience rain during the show.



Q: What is happening on the Saturday before the Show?

A: Saturday morning, Niello Volvo Cars Sacramento will be providing us with impressive breakfast fare starting at 8:00 AM at their dealership. Followed by an optional mid-day foothill drive (two separate groups of your choice, “Spirited” and “Scenic”). Afterwards, an afternoon informal barbeque hosted by Sacramento Chapter President Walter Donnell at his home. Note that these activities are “a la carte”, you can choose which activities you would like to attend when registering. Note that you must register for the Saturday events on the VCOA Golden Gate Chapter's website at: ggvcoa.com by April 24, 2023.


Q: Is there a cost for Saturday activities?


A: No, there is cost to attend any of the Saturday events; thanks to the generosity of Niello Volvo Cars Sacramento and Sacramento Chapter President Walter Donnell. Though we welcome a donation at the barbeque to help defray costs.  The drive participants are responsible for their own lunch, snacks, etc. when participating in the drives. While the Saturday events are free, registration is still required; since we need to know how many people to expect.


Q: I missed the registration deadline, can I still attend?


A: It depends, based on the activity.


For the Saturday events, please e-mail us ASAP at: socialmedia@sacvolvoclub.org with your name, activity you want to attend, and the number of people that you want to bring. We sometimes have cancellations and can fit you in. Please do not plan on attending unless you receive an e-mail from us confirming that we have a spot for you.


For the Sunday Show, no worries, as you can pay at the gate. Show registration is $20 cash. We cannot accept electronic payments at this time, need a volunteer to help us make that happen in the future.


Q: If I bring my Volvo and want to park in the Show area, why do I need to pay?


A: Your registration fee goes to pay for the fees that the City of Davis charges us to use the Show area, offset the cost of running the Show, and help support the local chapters. Our fee is on the low side, and it’s good Volvo Community Karma to pay it.  Who knows, your car may even win an award.


Q: Do I have to pay admission just to see the cars?


A: No. We are located at a Davis city park and street closure with pedestrian and bicycle access. Street parking is limited (please observe the posted parking restrictions) outside the Show area, so come early.


Q: Do you cancel the Show if it is raining?


A: No. These are Volvos and they are designed for the wet weather in Sweden. In case of rain, showgoers usually take cover under the large pavilion until the rain stops, then go back out and look at the cars. Cancellation might occur if there was severe flooding or other major weather event. We will keep our fingers crossed.


Q: Can I bring my car on a trailer to the Show?


A: With the exception of a few sponsors and swap meet sellers, no. Traffic is very heavy coming into the Show, and we do not have sufficient space for maneuvering and unloading of trailers once the Show opens. You might be able to park offsite and unload a car to be driven into the Show, but parking in the immediate area around the park is limited and often fills up fast.


Q: Is it possible to park with my friends?


A: We park cars by model and in order of arrival, so unless you and your friends have the same models and arrive at the same time, it's not possible to park with your friends.


Q: Why is this the 22st Davis Show, but it started in 1999? 


A: No show for years 2016, 2020 & 2021; now the math makes sense.


Q: Is there an official or host hotel?


A: No. There are many hotels in the area, and a lot of attendees stay at the Best Western in downtown Davis.  Majority of the accommodations are smaller and tend to book up fast, so we encourage you to make your reservations early.


Q: Do you sell food or drink at the Show?


A: No. There are many food and beverage options in the surrounding area. From morning coffee to lunch to take-out food and desserts, you have plenty of choices within easy walking distance. You can also bring a picnic lunch or brown bag it.



Q: How do I get a swap meet space?


A: Check with our Swap Meet Coordinator, Larry Biltz, @ larrybiltz925@gmail.com to see if spaces are still available. Spaces are available only by pre-registration, no spaces are available on Show day. Spaces typically sell out before the Show, so please inquire early if you're interested.


Q: Why don’t you do _____________?


A: The Davis Weekend is organized and staffed by volunteers. If there is something you would like to see, please contact us in advance and volunteer to do it.


Q: What kind of volunteer help do you need?


A: Volunteers staff Saturday and Sunday events, and we can use help for both, as well as before and after the Weekend. Assistance will be needed both on-site and remotely (acting as a RSVP point of contact for a Saturday activity, for example.)


On Sunday, we need assistance early morning as this is when the Show is the busiest. Our areas of greatest need are for parking assistants and help with registration. No experience necessary, we will train!


Q: If I have questions about volunteering, or want to volunteer, whom do I contact?

I could not find the answer to my question in the FAQs, who can I ask?


A: Please e-mail us at: socialmedia@sacvolvoclub.org





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