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      Registration For The 2019 VCOA Davis Show                      Weekend Activities Is Now Open!



To Celebrate The Show's 20th Anniversary, We Are Lowering The Sunday Show Registration Price To $20.00.


To make your reservations, please add the events you plan to attend to your Shopping Cart and then follow the Checkout process.  Note that your reservations are not good until you complete the Checkout process and receive your confirmation e-mails.  For ease of check-in at the Weekend events, please bring a copy of your confirmation e-mails.  Space is limited at some events, so please, if you are unable to attend, please contact us and cancel so that others can participate.


Please note that you may choose as many or as few events as you like.


Saturday Events (April 27th)

 - 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.: A full breakfast and Volvo get together hosted by Niello Volvo of Sacramento at the dealership.

 - 10 a.m. until early afternoon: Your choice of either a scenic drive or a spirited drive after the Niello get together.

  - 2 p.m. until ?: A barbeque to be held at the SACVCOA President’s house.


Sunday Event (April 28th)

- 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The 20th edition of the VCOA car show and swap meet, held at Central Park in Davis (rain or shine.)


We need more volunteers to staff the Sunday event. Volunteering at the meet is fun and rewarding and is a great way to meet fellow Volvo enthusiasts. Spend a few hours contributing to making the show better than before and then you can enjoy the meet even more. Contact Gary at


This is going to be a fun and great event! We hope to see everyone there!


T-shirts will be available at the meet. There is on on-line T-shirt sales.


Follow this link to reserve your weekend activities:



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