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2022 Davis Meet May 1, 2022
2022 Davis MeetMay 1, 2022

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CJ's Annual BBQ 2014

iRoll Open House 2014

Volvo Palo Alto Show and Drive

What an amazing day!  We had 33 cars at the show celebrating an Open House and Service Day with our friends at Volvo Palo Alto.  They cleared the lot directly infront of their showroom and we setup shop.  As usual a great range of old and new Volvos.  Some modified, some original, most somewhere inbetween but ALL LOVED to the core by GGVCOA owners.
We then had a small group drive up to Lick Observatory.  If you weren't able to come with us I have to say...you missed out.  This was an fantastic drive with sweeping views of the south bay.  


We had a blast at the first event of the year.  We looked at our beloved Volvos from all angles.  Had VIDA/DICE wirelessly exloring an S60R, a look under an S70, some 850 electrical talks and even a fail safe method of checking for a blown head gasket on a much loved V70 (she'll be ok her owner has an aswesome set of tools). 

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